c7b what I like post

I like to play baseball and sleep. I also like to eat pancakes and waffles. I came up with a math problem if one waffle plus one waffle = a Belgiun waffle then what does a belgiun waffle plus a waffle =?. Well I also like my dog Yoshi he doesn’t get in much trouble any more so I will tell you another story. One day I was on my bed when my dog scratched me across the eye. The story is as simple as that.

C7B Family Celebrations post

My family celebrations are usually weird because my dog barks at every one and every one is always screaming. The kids Yes me too always find a way to annoy the adults so they play football with us. Some of my cousins just go and sleep. So if you have weirder family celebration tell me in a comment because I know some of you do have weirder stories.

C5B war post

I think war is bad because of the killing. Some people think war is cool because of explosions. Did you here Usama bin laden is dead let us be happy, but the US is on high alert for attacks. People also don’t like war because of violence. I think it is fun to draw with people fighting but I still don’t approve of war.

internet saftey post

You need to use internet safety because if you are in a social network you may be talking to someone you don’t know. You should never give out personal information to anyone online. Don’t give your password to anyone online except for your parents.Don’t post anything you don’t want your parents to see.

c6a persuasive post

I think people shouldn’t just eat meat or be vegetarians because you need the nutrients in both meat and vegetables. People who don’t eat meat won’t get as much protein. People who don’t eat vegetables won’t get the nutrients in vegetables. So eat something from every food group. Just in case you don’t know the food groups are: fruit, meat and beans, dairy, grain, oil, and vegetables.

post 2 about my glog

My glog has sounds like chewing and an alpaca.Its background is a sea snake. My favorite part of it is the bird pecking the monsters head. Some random stuff in there is the penguin, waffle, and the chewing noise. my least favorite part is the background. Please right click and go to full screen.